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    "Land of abundance" the eastern gate of sichuan province, is famous for its sugar "sweet city" neijiang, profound, the humanities ceremony, the sages of neijiang stars talents, has been hailed as a "five hundred to the first person" chang with its excellent talents, and the individual genius, is famous in the world, neijiang and therefore in the hometown of the diversified, a good name is famous in the world.

    In memory of the master of art in the world, built in 1992 by the people's government of neijiang neijiang chang memorial, and on this basis, launched the neijiang the diversified cultural tourism industrial park scenic area planning work. Completed in 2009, the first phase of the scenic area, an area of more than 280 acres of "big garden" formal completion opening to the outside world.

    The park there are a number of national cultural relics, headed by the calligraphy and painting works. Not only treasure chang and Zhang Shanma brothers works such as calligraphy, painting, seal, and also collect a qi gong, zhang xueliang, master liu haisu generation such as famous as well as the strong winds hall, whole house disciple rumor, Liang Shunian of calligraphy and painting, different styles, and all forms. To show the charm of traditional painting and calligraphy of the Chinese nation culture and craftsmanship.
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